TMD Problems

TMD Problems and How You Can Prevent Them

There are some basic human actions that shouldn’t be inhibited. Eating, for example, drinking, yawning, and of course, talking. So if you’re having trouble moving your jaw up, down, and side to side, something is probably wrong.


What is TMD?

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) is a problem with your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ), the hinge that connects your jaw to your skull and allows you to move it for daily activities. It can be caused by problems with the joints or the muscles in your face that arise as a result of injury, teeth grinding, or even stress. Clenching of your teeth or tension in your face when you are stressed puts pressure on the joint that can lead to issues that inhibit you daily motion of your jaw.


How to Prevent TMD


Try to relax. It might seem like a simple prevention technique but it can really work. TMD is caused by tension and pressure being put on the TMJ, and you put a lot of pressure on it when you’re stressed. Simple relaxation techniques might not only be good for your general state of mind and mental health but your joints too!


You may also be prone to clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth and this type of behavior can lead to problems. Try to recognize when you’re clenching your jaw so that you can fight the urge. Whenever you notice it, try keeping your teeth apart and practicing no contact unless you are eating. Over time, there will be a decrease in your jaw clenching until your mouth is relaxed almost all the time.



Unfortunately, your eating habits can also lead to TMD. Avoid overusing and stressing out your jaw and the muscles in your mouth. Limit the amount of gum you chew and chewy candies and try to avoid really hard foods.
Remember, the best treatment is prevention!


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