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3 Tips to Preventing Cavities in Children

Keep your child from getting cavities with better dental care. With so many tempting sweets and busy schedules, it’s easy to forget things. Dental care could be one. However, it should not be. Children are prone to cavities and instilling proper dental care habits is very important. It will protect their smile for years to come. So how can parents prevent cavities in children? Read more below and begin improving your child’s dental health today.

What are cavities?

In brief, bacteria in the mouth uses sugar to make acid which creates tooth decay. This cycle is continuous. Therefore, brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily is essential. Parents may notice white spots on their child’s tooth. This is an indication that tooth decay is in progress. Whereas, cavities are holes in the tooth and may appear as dark spots. Overall, preventing decay is important yet possible with improved dental care.

Help your child brush and floss.

Children are eager learners and enjoy attention. Use this to your advantage by helping them brush and floss correctly. They’ll see it as playtime. But, they are actually learning proper dental care. Eventually, these habits will become normal and a healthy smile is the result. Another great tip is to brush your teeth with them! Form a buddy system and you’ll see improvement in your child’s smile!

Instill better eating habits.

Limit sugar and starchy foods from your child’s diet. In addition, eliminating soda will help as well. Remember, bacteria rely on sugar from food to make acid. Instead, encourage vegetable and fruit snacks when possible. You can easily make this improvement by changing your grocery list. So, scratch out the cookies and replace it with celery! Healthy teeth is more important.

Visit the dentist.

Dental care isn’t just an at-home routine. Visiting the dentist for dental exams and cleanings are very beneficial for your child’s dental health. Visits also provide opportunities to learn more about at-home dental care techniques. Likewise, your child will grow accustomed to visiting the dentist regularly.

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