5 Benefits of a Professionally Fitted Mouthguard

5 Benefits of a Professionally Fitted Mouthguard

While team sports are the most common cause of oral injuries, things may still get physical during non-competitive and casual activities. If you suffer a direct impact on the front of your face, without a mouthguard, it can result in fractured front teeth or even knock one or more teeth out. If your lower jaw is hit, it may slam your jaws together, putting a large amount of stress on your teeth, resulting in breaks or cracks; however, it may also result in damage to the TMJ joint, jaw fractures or, in severe cases, a concussion.

For children under the age of 18, sports injuries account for approximately 40 percent of all dental trauma. This alone is enough of a reason to invest in professionally fit mouthguards.

Why Professionally Fit Mouthguards Are the Best Solution

There are many people who opt for the store-bought mouthguard options that typically cost under $10. While these are extremely affordable and at least offer some protection, they are not the best option. The fact is, mouthguards are designed to be “one-size-fits-all,” but, each person’s jaw, teeth, and mouth vary in regard to shape and size. This means that without a professionally fit mouthguard, the potential for injuries and damage is high.

Learn more about the benefits of a professionally fit mouthguard here.

1. Achieve a Proper Fit

The majority of mouthguards sold over the counter offer a DIY fitting option. As a result, you have to boil the product to soften it and then bite down on the softened plastic to create the desired mold. If you have never done this before, it can be tricky, and, in most cases, the process won’t be able to capture that accurate of a mold of your bite.

The best mouthguards are custom fit to your mouth by your dentist. This provides the highest level of effectiveness and comfort. Your dentist will take a custom mold of your mouth and bite to ensure the developed mouthguard fits perfectly.

2. A Comfortable Option

Because your mouthguard is going to be created based on a direct impression of your mouth, you don’t have to worry about any issues related to unnecessary or unwanted bulky material left over. As a result, the mouthguard will remain in place without you having to keep your mouth shut tightly. This will make swallowing, talking and breathing much easier.

Since a custom-fit mouthguard is more comfortable than non-custom ones, they are also more likely to be worn. For children, the comfort level is even more important, since they are the ones who will most commonly complain of something hurting or not being comfortable to wear.

3. Achieve a Superior Level of Protection

A custom-fit mouthguard will help to cover and protect all your teeth. If you are involved in an impact, the mouthguard will absorb the shock and then distribute the impact to ensure serious injuries don’t occur.

According to information from the International Academy of Sports Dentistry, a mouthguard that has been fabricated properly will separate the lower jaw (mandible) and upper jaw (maxilla), which will buffer the transmission of a concussive effect to the base of your brain. With concussions continuing to go up among young athletes, having a mouthguard that fits perfectly is a smart preventative step you can take.

A custom-fitted mouthguard will also provide protection for any appliances, such as braces, implant-supported dentures, etc., you may have in your mouth.

4. Receive Ongoing Evaluations for Changes in Your Bite and Jaw

Just like you have regular dental exams to check for issues with your mouth, you can have your mouthguard checked and adjusted as your bite or jaw change. The fact is, if there are any significant changes, your mouthguard will need to be updated so it can continue protecting your properly.

5. Proper Thickness

If you are an athlete and competing in any type of contact or non-contact sport, you need to make sure that you carefully explain what you will be doing to your dentist and how your mouthguard will be used. If you are involved in a heavy contact sport, such as football, hockey or boxing, then you re going to need to make sure you have a mouthguard that is thick enough. For sports that don’t involve much contact, such as racquetball and tennis, mouthguards can be much thinner and still provide adequate protection. After all, impact in these sports is much less likely, and if it does happen, it is going to be much less severe.

The fact is, mouthguards aren’t something that should be considered optional. If you or your child is participating in any type of sport, protecting the mouth and teeth should be a top priority. With a custom-made mouthguard, you can feel confident that if you are involved in a situation where your mouth or jaw is hit or impacted, neither serious damage nor injuries will occur.

If you are interested in learning more about having a custom-fit mouthguard created, contact the team at Your Dental Health Partners to schedule an appointment.

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