Calm dental fear

Nervous About the Dentist? Top 5 Pointers to Calm Your Nerves

Being afraid of going to the dentist is surprisingly common and can cause a lot of trouble if not dealt with head-on. Missing out on dental visits will harm your oral health and allow your dental hygiene to fall, so here’s how to overcome it.


1. Talk to the Staff

One of the best cures for an unfounded fear is a heavy dose of reality. Make sure your dentist and hygienist know beforehand, such as when you book the appointment, and they can modify the visit to suit your needs. The staff can introduce short breaks during the visit and can talk to you about the sensations and any discomfort each step is expected to bring.


2. Know Your Pain Tolerance

A lot of dental phobias come from a sudden painful experience during a previous dental visit, especially one that occurred in childhood. It’s still possible to experience pain during a filling or other procedures that require numbing, such as if the anesthetic hasn’t fully dulled the area yet. If your dentist is aware of your concerns, they can slowly ease into these steps to make sure if a mistake does happen, it can be aborted quickly.


3. Know That You Can Stop Any Time You Want

Some dental fears come from feeling trapped and without control over the situation. For example, when you’re in the chair and the staff is leaning over you and working on your teeth you may feel cornered.

A brief conversation with your dentist or hygienist before you recline in the chair can help defeat this source of fear. They can agree to let you get up any time you ask or give a signal, like raising a hand. Just work out a signal before you have equipment or gloves fingers in your mouth, as you won’t be able to talk during most of the procedure.


4. Ask for Sedation

If the entire visit is going to be terrible for you, there’s no shame in taking a sedative to get you through it. Sedation dentistry does not mean that you will be unconscious, it is usually the case that you will be awake but free from discomfort.



5. Stop Focusing on the Fear

Distracting yourself is one of the best things you can do if you’re in any kind of turmoil. If you want to conquer your fear of the dentist and take control of your oral health, you will need to find a way to cope and endure. Given enough time you will not find the experience intimidating. Distracting yourself with happy thoughts, headphones or even the promise of a fun experience after the visit can help keep you from focusing on your fear.

With a little focus, a little patience, and some initial boldness, anyone can get over their fear of dental visits. Dental health is important for your overall health and regular dental visits and good hygiene go a long way towards preserving oral health.


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