Conquer Your Fear of Dentists

Conquering Your Fear of Dentists

Everyone is afraid of something. For some people it’s heights; for some it’s spiders; and for some maybe it’s dentists. None of these are uncommon and each have ways to help get over them. Can you not stand to go to the dentist? Do you hate even walking by one? If you’re someone who absolutely hates going to the dentist then maybe some of these will work for you.


Steps to eliminating your fear of dentists:


1. First, you’ll want to find a dentist who specializes in fearful patients and who you are comfortable with. Do You Feel Out of Control at The Dentist

Generally, a fear of dentists stems at least partially from a fear of having no control. It’s understandable since, when you’re sitting in that chair with little ability to talk, it can be easy to feel like you aren’t in control of the situation. A good dentist will make sure that you know you’re able to take a break or stop at any time. and make sure to discuss your fears with you. Once they understand why you may be apprehensive, they will do what they can to calm those fears. They may let you know that you can leave whenever you want or give you a hand signal to let them know that you need to stop or need a break.

2. Start small. When first easing yourself into going to the dentist, you don’t want to jump in with something like a root canal. That may only serve to further your fear of the dentist’s chair. You’ll want to start with something simple, like a cleaning. Once you’re more comfortable with that, you can start to work up to more serious procedures like wisdom tooth or root canal. You want to build your comfort and your trust in your dentist before you start doing some heavy work on your teeth.

3. When you go in for your first appointment, you should bring someone with you. Bring Someone You Trust to the Dentist
Make sure it is someone you trust who isn’t also afraid of dentists as that could only further your anxiety. Having someone there with you may make you feel more comfortable, especially when you’re just starting.

4. Try some relaxing techniques before you go, or in the waiting room. The closer you get to the appointment, the more anxiety you may be feeling. It’s a good idea to try to relax yourself as best as you can before you go in. Try some slow breathing techniques or bring along a stress ball.


5. Bring a distraction with you. Maybe take some headphones in so you can listen to your music. This will help to distract you and make you feel more comfortable, especially if it’s music you really like. You could also find a dentist’s office with a TV or something entertaining that you can look at during the appointment. The more you take your mind off of your fear, the easier it is to bear.

6. Ask your dentist about sedatives. When you start getting into some of the more heavy dental work or if you just have too much anxiety, you can talk to your doctor about sedation. There are multiple types of Sedation Dentistry that may be an option for you from minimal to deep sedation, only some of which will knock you out completely. Sedation can make your visit more bearable for you and ease your nerves, as well as any pain you might fear you’ll experience.

7. Go do something fun after!

After-Dentist Treat

Go treat yourself to something; go hang out with friends or get some ice cream. After your dentist appointment, go have a good time. It is both a reward for finally beginning to conquer your fear as well as helping to associate the dentist with fun things.


8. If you are having trouble even getting yo

urself to find a dentist then try talking to a psychologist. For some people, the fear may run too deep to get into the actual dentist industry at all. Try talking to someone about your fear who might be able to help you overcome it or become more comfortable taking steps to eliminate it. All you have to do is take the first step, once you’re there you’ll be on your way to conquering your fear of dentists.

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