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Local Dentists: Best Foods to Eat for a Healthy Smile

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Local Dentists | Diet is an essential component in maintaining not only healthy dental hygiene but helping promote the general health of your entire body. 

Studies have, over the years, shown that some meals predispose your teeth and other oral structures to a path of self-destruction and disintegration. The same studies indicate that several types of foods promote a healthy state of the oral cavity, preventing teeth decay and destruction over time. Nutrition is, therefore, a vital component in determining the state of your oral health and your body’s general wellbeing. 


 It is vital to take note of meals that will help enhance a safe and healthy condition of your dental cavity and aid in the promotion of a healthy smile. For instance, local dentists have the best state of the art modern dental equipment designed to help in the diagnosis and management of various dental ailments and, the process enables you to maintain a healthy smile. 

Essential Meals for Good Dental Health

This feature highlights some of the best meals that you should include in your daily diet to help you develop an ideal state of your dental health and, eventually, maintain a healthy smile.

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A healthy smile is dependent on a healthy oral space; therefore, you should make every effort to promote and enhance a healthy oral cavity. Some of the meals that we advocate for at Local Dentists in the promotion of a healthy oral cavity include the following;

  • Vitamin C rich meals– vitamin c is a critical element in the promotion of gum health, which is a part of your orthodontal structures. Healthy gums point to healthy teeth, and a healthy oral cavity altogether. You can get vitamin C in several types of fruits and vegetables with a high content of the essential element. Eat broccoli, spinach, potatoes, peppers, and plenty of citrus fruits. Overall, promoting healthy gums will help you in the journey of maintaining a healthy smile. 
  • Phosphorus-rich meals– phosphorus is another crucial element needed in the promotion of a healthy oral cavity. Phosphorus is an essential part of our teeth and helps in the development of healthy and strong teeth. For instance, eating fish, eggs, dairy products, beans, nuts, and lean meat are great options.
  •  Calcium-rich meals– calcium is a vital element in the formation, growth, and development of teeth, an absence of which will result in poorly formed, shaped, and weak teeth. In addition, calcium is not only essential in the promotion of healthy teeth but the general health of all your body bones. Therefore, crucial to include calcium-rich meals in your diet to promote strong and healthy teeth and bones. In other words, some meals with high calcium content include almonds, green vegetables, fortified soy beverages, and canned salmon.
  • Drink plenty of water– water is often overlooked in the promotion of proper oral health. It helps in rinsing and washing away the remaining food particles.

Foods to Avoid

Several types of foods will result in your teeth and gums erosion and eventual destruction, causing several forms of dental ailments. Below are common options to avoid.

  • Sugar-rich meals– high sugar-based meals attract bacteria that feed on food leftovers in your mouth, causing the production of acids. The formed acids eventually erode the surface of your tooth and gum structure, eating its way deep into the tooth and gum structure. Our doctors at Local Dentists advise that you tone down on your intake of sugar-rich meals that include several types of sodas, candies, and chocolate.
  • Starchy meals that get stuck in the spaces between your teeth, attracting bacteria
  • Carbonated soft drinks that contain high acidic levels which essentially breaks down the surface of your teeth and gums.


Overall, what you eat will go a long way in promoting a healthy environment for ideal oral hygiene and health. In addition, our local Dentists advocate for a healthy diet for a healthy dental condition. Learn more by contacting any one of our many offices below. We look forward to meeting you!


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