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Pediatric Dental Care 101

Halloween and Sugar

Halloween | Parents sometimes think that just because their children will eventually lose their baby teeth, that there is no reason to practice normal dental hygiene. But the baby teeth set the stage for the eventual emergence of the adult teeth. You definitely don’t want your child to go through costly and complicated procedures for gum disease when it is avoidable.

Healthy teeth don’t just happen by themselves. Although genetics is one factor in the development of tooth decay, you still have a great deal of control over the health of your child’s teeth. You may not remember when you yourself began brushing and flossing your teeth. It was probably earlier than you realize. The important thing is to begin caring for the teeth of your child as soon as they erupt. Positive habits are formed at this impressionable time, so make sure that things are done properly.

Your Child’s First Tooth

When your child gets their first tooth, it is a proud moment as a parent. It’s also a critical new phase in the life of your child’s teeth and smile. As soon as that first tooth erupts, you should begin brushing, as well as starting to teach your child how to brush their own teeth so that they can provide for their own oral health when they are older. These positive oral health habits will serve them for the rest of their lives so that they minimize the chance of developing tooth decay or gum disease.

Pediatric Dental Sealants

A surprising number of parents are unaware of dental sealants, which have come on the scene fairly recently. A sealant is, as the name suggests, a barrier that seals multiple teeth from being affected by oral bacteria that cause tooth decay. Sealants are normally used on the back molars that are harder to reach and have deeper grooves and crevices that can harbor food debris and the bacteria that feed upon it.

Some of the advantages of pediatric dental sealants include:

  • No shots or drilling required
  • Fast treatment
  • Inexpensive
  • Can pay for itself by preventing costly and unnecessary dental work

The process of receiving a pediatric dental sealant involves cleaning the teeth to be treated, followed by the application of a resinous liquid that is “painted” directly onto the teeth. After it has hardened, the sealant will serve as a shield to keep out damaging oral bacteria that can cause cavities and tooth decay.

Halloween and Sugar

With the Halloween holiday fast approaching, kids start getting excited about all of the fun activities that they will be participating in. Although these activities are certainly enjoyable, the fun can hide the risk involved with eating all of that candy. Aside from possible tummy aches, candies are a huge factor in the development of cavities and tooth decay.

So be sure to limit your child’s consumption of sugary snacks and candies during this time. Set aside some time for them to enjoy their trick-or-treat haul, but make sure that they rinse their mouth out thoroughly with water or brush their teeth afterwards.

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