Is Dental Insurance worth the Cost? Worcester MA

Dental Insurance, Is it worth purchasing?

Is Dental Insurance worth spending money on? That would depend on the individual and their circumstances.

The American Dental Association ADA believes that’ in the long run preventative maintenance, early screening, diagnosis and treatment, will pay for themselves many times over.

‘Most dental insurance plans have 100-80-50 class of service program (all plans have some variations) which provides customers with coverage as follows:

Class I:                   Diagnostic and Preventive Maintenance (100%)

Class II:                  Basic Restorative-fillings and root canals (80%)

Class III:                 Major Restorative – Crowns and Bridges (50%)

Class IV:                  Orthodontia – Braces (max allowable)

A typical bi-annual visit to the dentist will consist of cleaning your teeth and gums, removing tartar and plaque, polishing and flossing between your teeth.

This represents a basic Class I service and would be covered twice a year at 100%. Using the 2015 Dental Cost calculator provided by, for average preventive dental care costs in the Worcester MA area, we can determine the following:

If you are a single healthy adult with good oral hygiene, you’re out of pocket dental bill would be about $288.85 for the year. This would include two visits and one x-ray. This amount may represent a lower cost than the dental plan being offered to you. So what do you gain by purchasing dental insurance if the cost of the insurance is greater than the care you were provided?


Dental insurance is for the care required beyond Class I. According to the Dental Cost Calculator, the average cost of a filling in the Worcester MA area is $190.00. In accordance with the 100-80-50 model, you would be required by insurance to pay 20% of that bill. Without insurance, you are paying the full amount. The dental costs only increase as services move into Class III and IV.

The type of insurance you decide to purchase will be as individual as you and your circumstances. According to the American Dental Association, ADA, ‘The two most prevalent dental pathologies-tooth decay and gum disease- are almost entirely preventable.’

Taking charge of your oral hygiene will provide you with years of healthy gums and teeth.

Keep your dental visits affordable; invest in dental insurance, because you are worth it.


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