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Alcohol and good Cheer – 2 Dental tips for healthy teeth and gums this holiday season

Your dentist recognizes that Alcohol and good cheer are synonymous with the holidays. Please drink responsibly and remember that, tooth erosion is a big problem which is linked to acid and dehydration. Alcohol dehydrates. Saliva has antibacterial agents which buffer acids. When people are dehydrated, those agents disappear allowing decay and erosion to happen. So this holiday season, protect yourself from gum disease with a few tips from your dentist.

1. Drink water between alcoholic beverages. Alcohol dehydrates diminishing saliva production in your mouth. When saliva is no longer available to protect your mouth, water is the next best solution for protecting your teeth.

2. Brush teeth at least 20 minutes after drinking. 20 minutes is approximately how long it takes to remineralize enamel that has been softened by acids. If you brush too early you could be brushing away your enamel.


Remember, ‘furry teeth’ is a tell-tale sign of plaque build-up. Plaque is soft. The damage to your teeth is lessened by the removal of plaque and the protective powers of hydration. Brushing your teeth harder the next morning will not only remove plaque but may also remove your enamel.

So this holiday season, drink responsibly, stay hydrated, and remember to brush, floss and visit your dentist bi-annually. Happy holidays!

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