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5 Dental Gifts That Will Make Your Dad Smile This Father’s Day

June is finally here, and Father’s Day is quickly approaching. While there are many gifts that you can consider for dad, why not choose ones that he’ll actually use that can improve his health at the same time?

Here are five ideas that will quite literally make your dad smile…

Electric Toothbrush

If your dad is using the same style manual toothbrush he’s been using for years, then it’s time for an upgrade. Thanks to the latest technology in dental hygiene, electric toothbrushes are referred to as the most advanced toothbrushes on the market and are recommended by dentists. They are clinically proven to significantly reduce stains and help prevent gum disease when used regularly, and as a bonus, they’re much more fun and easier to use than traditional brushes.

The benefits of these brushes can be attributed to their efficiency. While with a manual toothbrush, you brush teeth at around 300 strokes a minute, electric toothbrushes can produce up to 40,000 strokes a minute. Studies have also shown that people who use these brushes regularly are actually able to reverse gingivitis by increasing blood circulation and significantly reducing the build-up of bacteria on the gums. Some also use timers to ensure you’re brushing your teeth for the recommended amount of time.

Water Flossers

It’s a sad truth that most people don’t floss nearly as often as they should, and dad is probably no different. Water flossers are much more convenient and more comfortable to use than a roll of dental floss. Personal water flossers use the same technology that many dentists use during routine teeth cleanings and dental check-ups. These portable devices are just about the same size as an electric toothbrush and use highly pressured streams of water to clean the gums and in between teeth.

Many people prefer the use of water flossers over traditional flossing because they cause less irritation and swelling of the gums, typically a result of using too much pressure with dental floss. Water flossers are also great for removing excess bacteria out of the mouth and are much more efficient at loosening and eliminating buildups between the teeth. If your dad has dental implants or braces, water flossers are a much safer alternative to dental floss. The pulsing water makes it easy to clean all the hard spots around the gums and ensures no damage will come to any dental appliances.

Mouthwash Dispenser

The chances are that dad still uses mouthwash out of the bottle’s cap. Why not surprise him with a much more efficient and cleaner method of improving his dental health? Not only to mouthwash dispensers provide a convenient way to ensuring you’re achieving the best dental hygiene, but they give a much better aesthetic than a used mouthwash bottle sitting on the sink.
Mouthwash dispensers come in two different forms, automatic or manual.

You may have seen automatic dispensers at some restaurants or bars, and these are typically wall-mounted. While there are smaller versions of this format, most automatic dispensers do require some counter space or a space on the wall to be installed. Due to this fact, most people choose manual or pump version mouthwash dispensers, as they are more practical and come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to match the decor of the bathroom or find a solution that matches dad’s style, there are endless options to choose from.

Dental Travel Kit

If your family loves to travel or your dad likes to take regular camping trips, another great gift idea can be a dental travel kit. While it may not be practical to have a large bag with the same type of dental equipment your dad is used to using, an easy-to-travel-with solution can make it much easier to pack for business trips and vacations.

Dental kits can come in many different sizes, but most of them have all the essentials you would need to stay on top of your routine when away from home. Some essentials you should have would include a manual toothbrush, travel-sized toothpaste mouthwash, and dental floss. A weather-proof travel bag is also a great investment and will keep the kit protected wherever your dad is traveling to.

Teeth Whitening

Another unique gift idea for dad isn’t necessarily in the form of a tool as much as it is a service. Professional teeth whitening services can be the perfect gift for dads. If your dad is an avid coffee drinker or has been complaining about yellowing teeth, teeth whitening can be a great way to restore dad’s smile back to the bright radiance it used to be. While take-home whitening kits and specialty toothpaste can improve the whiteness of teeth, in most cases these tools only work up to a point. Professional dentists are the only ones capable of doing safe and thorough whitening treatments.

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show your appreciation for that special man in your life. While there are many gifts that you can get for dad this Father’s Day, why not give him the gift of a better smile and overall health? Good dental hygiene is a critical piece of living a long, healthy life, and your dad is definitely worth the investment!

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