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Protecting Your Smile with Exams and Cleanings

Keeping up with dental exams and cleanings is a vital part of your oral health. Even though you may be regularly brushing and flossing, it is not always enough. It is easy to miss a spot that eventually accumulates plaque, eventually leading to the development of tartar that can only be removed by dentists. At this point, you could easily go on to develop gum disease that could even threaten your permanent teeth.

What is a dental exam and cleaning?

A dental exam and cleaning is a routine appointment that is normally advised at least twice a year, although your dentist may recommend more frequent visits if you have an ongoing problem.

The purpose of the dental exam is to spot any potential problems while they are still small ones that can be easily treated. 

The goal of the cleaning part of the appointment is to allow your dental hygienist to scrape away accumulated plaque and tartar from your teeth and around your gums. Combined with regularly brushing and flossing at home, it is the best way to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Isn’t brushing and flossing enough?

In many cases, it is. But even if you were so fastidious in your brushing and flossing that you completely prevented plaque and tartar, you would still need to visit for your regular dental exams to look for other types of problems in your mouth.

Considering that plaque can be virtually undetectable to the average person, it is important to keep up with your dental appointments so that your professional dental team has an opportunity to examine your mouth, teeth and gums.

What should I expect at a dental exam appointment?

Dental exams are typically combined with dental cleanings. The exam part of the appointment often takes place before the cleaning. This is when your dental hygienist will conduct a visual examination of your mouth, teeth and gums to look for signs of tooth decay, gum disease or oral cancer.

If your hygienist should detect any concerning problems, your dentist may then be called in for a closer examination. This may involve taking x-rays or other diagnostic procedures. If any issues are found, treatment may be recommended and scheduled.

What takes place at a dental cleaning?

During your appointment, a dental hygienist will scrape away any plaque or tartar that has accumulated on your teeth or in the area of your gums. This will help to prevent your gums from becoming inflamed and infected, potentially leading to gum disease. Removing plaque also helps to keep teeth from becoming damaged due to acidic substances secreted by this sticky film.

Dental exams and cleanings help:

  • Smooth and brighten teeth
  • Detect signs of early trouble like tooth decay and periodontal disease
  • Remove plaque and tartar from the teeth

Schedule Your Exam and Cleaning

Dentists recommend that you visit for a dental exam and cleaning at least twice a year — more often if you are dealing with a special issue like periodontal disease. If you have been postponing these vital appointments, reach out to your dentist today to book an appointment.

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