Pregnancy Dental Care

Oral Health Care During Pregnancy

Women who are expecting have a lot of new health concerns to worry about, including food, alcohol, sleep and physical activity. There are multitudes of concerns for expecting mothers, and a lot of different issues to address. Oral health tends to slide to the bottom of the list of priorities for a lot of women, and that’s a mistake because it’s relatively simple to maintain good dental hygiene during pregnancy.

Pregnancy is no time to let dental health slide. Gum disease has been linked to premature births, and it’s important to keep on top of your oral health even when new health concerns surface. Don’t reschedule any routine dentist appointments you have scheduled during your pregnancy. There is no reason to delay cleanings

However, you should postpone any elective or cosmetic procedures, such as tooth whitening. These are optional by definition and can wait until after your delivery. A whiter smile can wait. If you’re not sure, talk to your dentist and your OB/GYN and make an informed decision.

When you do visit the dentist, make sure the staff knows you are expecting. Your dental staff can’t take steps to protect you and your baby if they don’t know that you are with child. 


New Concerns During Pregnancy

Hormone changes in your body during pregnancy will make your gums especially vulnerable to periodontal disease, including gum bleeding. Watch closely for any swelling, tenderness, or bleeding during this time. Make sure to contact them when brushing, and alert the dental staff of anything out of the ordinary you experience.

If you receive new medications during your pregnancy. It’s important to make sure your dental staff is aware of what you’re taking and how frequent the dosage is to avoid any drug interactions. 

Morning sickness can present a problem to your teeth, as vomit contains a lot of acids that will make contact with the teeth. Make sure you rinse your mouth with water regularly to minimize the damage. Some people find switching to a less flavorful toothpaste lowers the number of morning sickness incidents they encounter. If you need help choosing a brand, ask the dental staff for help

Dental health is a year-round concern. While your pregnancy will be your primary health focus during this time, you can still maintain good oral health practices throughout the pregnancy, and be poised to help your newborn start on the right track.




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