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Maintaining Healthy Teeth and Gums

Your teeth gums form the frame onto which your entire set of teeth rests upon, and any existing or impending gum diseases generally affect the wellbeing of your teeth. Several forms of gum and teeth diseases afflict many people across the world. Some types of gum and teeth disease are silent in presentation, while others occur with excoriating pain and discomfort. It is crucial to maintain healthy gums to promote strong and healthy teeth.

Gum and teeth disease determines the general state of your oral hygiene and health, and to a more significant extent, your body’s condition. Some people take good care of their teeth but forget checking on their teeth gums, and in the process, exposing themselves to numerous dental conditions. Expert’s advice that for proper oral hygiene and health, all aspects of your orthodontal tissues and structures should be in near perfect health condition. It is, therefore, essential to take note of any changes in the appearance, structure, and function of your teeth and gums to ensure you maintain healthy teeth gums. 

What does healthy teeth and gums entail?

Knowing the appearance and presentation of healthy teeth and gum will enlighten you on when to get worried in instances of any changes in the gum and teeth structure and look. Some of the features of healthy teeth and gums include;

  • Natural color that blends in perfectly to the surrounding structures
  • Normal alignment and induration without features of swelling
  • No breakages or cracks in the structure of the gum and teeth

In instances where there is a suspicion of gum and teeth disease, some of the features to look out for include; change in color and appearance, swelling and pus formation, cracks or breakage in the structure of the tooth and gum. As mentioned earlier, some forms of the dental disease occur without pain, while others present with unbearable pain and discomfort. The occurrence of any of the started signs and symptoms should indicate to you the presence of gum and teeth disease. 

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Maintaining healthy teeth and gums

There are several measures that you can employ to ensure that you maintain healthy teeth and gums and promote proper oral hygiene and health. The ways of keeping teeth and gums healthy include the following;

  • Dental checkups– experts recommend at list two annual dental visits, which you should try to observe daily. The dental visits are essential for a general orthodontal examination that includes checking the state of your teeth and gums. Dentists have a keen, experienced eye and touch that will detect the presence of gum and teeth disease even in instances that you could not suspect. Early detection of any gum and teeth ailment means early intervention and management by a qualified dentist. Regular dental visits will prevent the deterioration of any existing gum disease to worrisome levels. It is essential, therefore, to go for routine and regular dental visits to help you maintain healthy teeth and gums.
  • Ensuring proper teeth cleaning– brushing and cleaning your teeth should also include your gums to provide a complete and thorough cleaning of your oral cavity. Some food particles might get stuck on the surface of your gums, and overlooking your gums during cleaning, predisposes them to many forms of dental diseases. Experts also advise that you rinse your mouth with plenty of water after brushing to ensure complete cleaning of the oral cavity.
  • Prompt treatment of emerging conditions– it is vital that you attend to any emerging dental disease. Some dental conditions unrelated to your teeth might eventually spread and reach the gum structure. Conditions like tooth decay affect the adjacent tooth structure of which the gum is critical. In other words, it is essential that you promptly treat any emerging dental illness.
  • Avoid sugary foods– sugar-rich meals and beverages attract bacteria, which eventually breaks down food leftovers, forming acids.


Overall, your teeth and gums are essential. For instance, you must take in measures to ensure your teeth and gums are in the right state and condition. Likewise, healthy teeth and gums create beautiful, charming smiles.

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