tooth infection

How to Identify a Tooth Infection

Tooth infections are among the most common dental conditions affecting many people around the world. The dental infections occur progressively and gradually over time. Lack of proper dental hygiene, care and routine dental check-ups results to the progression and worsening of otherwise easily manageable tooth infections. In essence, overlooking simple tooth infections can be extremely dangerous because it might be masking a severe dental problem requiring urgent and immediate medical attention. Being aware of the symptoms and early signs of tooth infections is essential, preventing the progression of the infection, early diagnosis and treatment. Oral health is essential to the general health of the whole body, necessitating proper dental care and hygiene to prevent, detect, and treat tooth infections. 

tooth infection

What is a tooth infection?

A tooth infection is a scenario when active bacteria attack the tooth structure, inclusive of the bone, gums, and adjacent tissues. If unchecked, the infection can spread and manifest as abscess and eventually lead to a more severe condition known as sepsis.

Importance of early detection

It is essential that people are informed of the signs and symptoms to look for when it comes to tooth infections. Prior knowledge of the signs preceding dental infections is vital in preventing an escalation of a condition that is otherwise preventable and easy to manage in its earlier stages. Unchecked tooth infections end up in more serious dental conditions that are more complex, harder, expensive, and takes a longer time in the management. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it is vital for you to know the danger signs when it comes to tooth infections. 

Signs and symptoms of tooth infection

Several factors serve as red flags and should alert you when it comes to tooth infections. The signs and symptoms of tooth infection include the following;

  • Tooth sensitivity- the occasional sensitivity to either cold or warm foods and beverages can be a sign of an underlying teeth infection. Sensitivity to pressure, especially when chewing or applying the bite force on meals is also a danger sign.
  • Toothache- throbbing, persistent, and severe tooth pain is a clear indication of a probable tooth infection that needs urgent attention
  • Facial swelling- a swelling on the side of the face, especially the area directly above or below the tooth position should serve as a worry of an underlying problem. Swollen lymph nodes on the neck area or under your jaw is also an indication of an infection process
  • Fever- increase in body temperature with rigors and chills in combination with the above-stated reasons is an indication of an advanced tooth infection that requires urgent intervention.
  • Reddening of the gums with a visible pocket of pus is also a worrying factor and indicates an ongoing tooth infection process.

It is prudent that you maintain proper oral care and hygiene which is essential in maintaining the correct oral health. Hence, dental check-ups are essential for early detection of dental issues. Learn more by calling any one of our locations below.


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