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Treating Periodontal Disease with Laser Gum Therapy

Laser gum therapy is highly recommended to treat the effects of periodontal disease. Many patients are suffering from chronic gum inflammation fearing that traditional gum surgery is the only treatment option. However, laser gum treatment offers the quickest recovery time, minimal pain and blood loss. Learn more about this revolutionary FDA approved gum treatment below.

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is a chronic gum inflammation mainly caused by plaque and tartar. Consequently, patients are likely to suffer from tooth and dental implant loss. There is also medical evidence that periodontal disease is linked to serious health conditions like heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and more. Nonetheless, preventing the disease is possible with proper dental hygiene. Brush at least twice a day and floss daily. In addition, patients should maintain dental exams and cleanings.

What is laser gum therapy?

Laser gum therapy corrects the effects of periodontal disease. To simplify, it precisely removes diseased gum tissue while sanitizing the area with a laser. This method allows for a 24 hour recovery time, minimal pain and blood loss. Indeed, most patients prefer laser gum treatment as opposed to traditional surgery which requires stitches and weeks of recovery. There are two types of lasers, LANAP and LAPIP, that are used to benefit all patients. LANAP is used around natural teeth. On the contrary, LAPIP is used to preserve dental implants which can be affected by periodontal disease. This condition is better known as peri-implantitis or dental implant failure.

Protect your smile.

Our dental team is trained and experienced to effectively assist patients with periodontal disease. Thus, consult with us today. We will schedule an exam and consultation to better advise you on laser gum therapy. Periodontal disease is serious. Therefore, preventing and seeking treatment as soon as possible is recommended. Click below to speak with a team member today. In fact, we have convenient locations in Connecticut and Massachusetts.



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