Your Kids Will Love Brushing Their Teeth with These 5 Dental Apps

Your Kids Will Love Brushing Their Teeth with These 5 Dental Apps

Which dental app should you choose for your kids? Children of every age have different oral care needs. But what everyone benefits from is proper brushing. As a parent, however, you know all too well just how challenging it can be to get your little one to do this routine properly!

Brushing teeth for the recommended couple of minutes requires some patience, and stillness—a true feat for some kids who can’t stop fidgeting or wiggling.

Luckily, there are apps designed to make brushing fun. Most of them are free to download, so it’s easy to obtain these valuable digital tools that inspire children to properly care for their teeth. Here’s a look at five of the best dental apps for kids.

1. Brusheez: The Little Monsters Toothbrush Timer 

Before brushing, your child gets to play with their monster pet, changing clothes and brushing their hair—mimicking the real-life way the child would get ready for bedtime, or for school. One thing that this dental app also teaches the kids is responsibility for another lovable creature.

The kids get to pick a pal and personalize it, setting the timer for the brushing routine. This is where it really gets fun—the little monsters dance for the default two-minute timer. This gives your child’s wandering attention somewhere to focus on for the allotted time.

2. T-Rex Toothbrush Timer for Oral Care

If your kid loves dinosaurs, the T-Rex Toothbrush Timer will be spot on for their oral care needs. Get him or her excited about the tooth-brushing routine every day, remembering how important it is to keep their teeth sparkling clean!

With this dental app, a lovable T-Rex dinosaur is the one to do the countdown until every surface of every tooth is clean! As the various sections of teeth are brushed, the sections on the dino’s teeth are also highlighted. This gives kids attractive visual clues to guide them. Users who have rated this dental app online say they love its “funky music” and its “simplicity”.

3. Chomper Chums

Chomper Chums® is a colorful, animated dental app featuring three adorable animal characters who will become your kid’s favorite oral care pals. There’s a lion, alligator, and horse giving commentary on brushing trivia and reward systems.

If your child is old enough to floss, the dental app guides this essential step as well. One cool thing to note: United Concordia’s mobile dental app, Chomper Chums®, recently won the iCon: Apps & Information Architecture Award from The Pittsburgh Technology Council (PTC).

4. Brush Teeth with Momo by Think Design Studio

Whether your child wants to brush teeth solo, or along with you, this dental app will be a big help. While the dental app character, Momo, brushes his teeth, the kids follow along step by step.

What makes this dental app something to look forward to in their daily routine is that with brushing teeth properly, kids get to earn points. Those points can then be used to care for Momo, supplying him with food, clothes or toys. The total brush time can be customized, anywhere from one to four minutes. Other great features of this dental app are a Parental Lock and Facebook Page Support.

5. Disney Magic Timer Dental App

Disney teamed up with Crest and Oral-B to design this creative dental app. Disney Princess and superhero fans get to see hidden Disney and Marvel characters the longer they brush for. By using your device camera, you can easily scan any Crest or Oral-B Pro-Health Stages product and unlock sticker books.

There are a total of 23 Disney, Marvel and Star Wars characters, all loved the world over. To use this dental app, you will need a Crest or Oral-B toothbrush or product. Then, you will be asked to download the Disney Magic Timer dental app by Oral-B, then scan any Crest or Oral-B Pro-Health Stages product. That’s when the brushing and real fun begins! The products and sticker books unlocked can then be saved to an external storage for more fun later.

Do you have kids who have tried these dental apps already? Which dental app was your favorite, do you have a favorite dental app you would recommend to our readers? Let us know in the comments below.

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