Dental Office Choices in Worcester

Keeping up with dental hygiene leads to a healthy and proud life. For this reason, it is important to find a dental office that really cares about your dental health care and works with you to give you the best experience possible.

Friendly Dental of Worcester

Friendly Dental of Worcester is a full-service dental office with a family oriented focus. The staff is always happy to welcome new patients of all ages and are dedicated to giving you the happiest and healthiest smile possible.

With an online tour of the office, Friendly Dental gives you the chance to familiarize yourself with the office and ensure your comfort, before dedicating yourself as a patient. You can get a sneak peak into the talented dental experts there to guide you through your dental care and make your experience as convenient and positive as they can.

Friendly Dental offers numerous valuable services to improve your smile and health, from simple cleanings to tooth whitening or veneers. With the best technology available, they are able to diagnose and care for your dental health in every way that they can, making your experience efficient, painless, and effective.

Friendly Dental of Worcester offers everything you could need from snoring therapy to bone grafting, and they will work with you to achieve the healthiest smile you could want. With a complete list of their services and technology available, you can get an idea of just how much they can offer, with real feedback from their patients.

Their practice and office exceeds the standards set by the OSHA and CDC and are easily accessible by email or phone call for making appointments. Friendly Dental is even willing to work with you and your finances, accepting a range of insurance plans and giving you the option to speak with a financial team to come up with the best financial plan for you.

Unique Dental of Worcester

You can familiarize yourself with the Unique Dental of Worcester facility on their website, with numerous photos of their newly renovated office, giving you the chance to feel comfortable with the office before even stepping through the door. Their experienced staff are always happy to welcome new patients into their facilities, with the sole purpose of giving them the best and most effective dental health experience.


Explore their dental health blog for the latest insights on all things dentistry and effective tips on how to keep your smile as healthy as possible. Simply looking at the Unique Dental website, you can get a good idea of everything offered to you, including their wide selection of services and a glimpse at the experts you could be working with.

Their impressive staff will work with you to give you a positive experience at their office, helping to plan out your perfect smile and giving reliable recommendations on what treatments will work best for you. Unique Dental offers more than just the clean teeth everyone’s looking for. With night guards to protect against teeth grinding and Invisalign to help correct your teeth in an unintrusive way, Unique Dental helps you better your teeth even after you step out of their doors.

They offer a different range of technology than Friendly Dental, with a CEREC to easily fix your veneers, crowns, bridges, or even a chipped tooth in just one day! Their state-of-the-art X-rays and Panorex give the dentists the most accurate view of everything going on inside of your mouth that allows them to best determine the type of treatment you might need.

With incredible customer service and a varying range of effective services and impressive technology, it’s up to you to decide which Worcester dental office is the right fit for you.

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If you want to know more about our Worcester Dental Offices, you can reach our Friendly Dental of Worcester office at (508) 340-4611, our Unique Dental of Worcester office at (508) 556-6241.

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