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How Your Smile Benefits From Staying Hydrated

Don’t worry if your glass is half empty or half full. Drinking plenty of water every day is great for your health. Remaining fully hydrated assists your body in distributing nutrients, removing toxins, creating healthy radiant skin, and making sure that your muscles keep moving.

The best dentist will tell you that drinking water is also one of the greatest ways that you can protect the health and appearance of your teeth. Keep reading to learn why drinking water is always a winner when it comes to your smile.

Dry Mouth and Cavity Risk

Dry mouth is one of tooth decay’s best friends. It is actually a medical condition called xerostomia, which develops whenever salivary glands are unable to produce adequate amounts of saliva. Breathing dry air or being dehydrated can also bring about dry mouth. If dry mouth is occurring on a regular basis, the cause may be an underlying condition like diabetes or a salivary gland infection.

Decreased saliva production can lead to oral health problems because saliva is connected to oral health. Saliva fights against tooth enamel erosion by neutralizing acids inside of your mouth, restoring tooth minerals, and rinsing away food debris. If you do not have sufficient amounts of saliva, it may result in problems like:

  • Gum disease: Periodontal disease is one of the main effects of having a dry mouth. For instance, gum disease is caused by an infection due to the buildup of plaque and tartar around the gums, increasing the risk of developing tooth decay. Gum disease may eventually result in loose teeth and tooth loss.
  • Tooth decay: When your mouth is dry, things like plaque, food, and harmful acids remain on your teeth, potentially leading to tooth decay.
  • Tooth enamel erosion: When acid remains on your teeth due to dry mouth, it can cause the erosion of the tooth enamel that protects your teeth. Enamel loss leads to teeth that are more susceptible to tooth decay and root canal infection.
  • Teeth staining: Dry mouth makes it more likely that your teeth will become stained or discolored due to enamel erosion and the accumulation of plaque on your teeth. Teeth whitening may be recommended by your best dentist.

Preventing Tooth Damage Caused by Dry Mouth

In summary, the good news is that a number of methods are available that can help in restoring the health and appearance of your teeth when you have been dealing with dry mouth. You may want to get dental veneers, dental crowns, tooth-colored fillings, or gum disease treatments if necessary. Some ways that you can prevent dry mouth include:

  • Remaining hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Using a saliva substitute available over-the-counter
  • Encouraging saliva production by chewing sugar-free gum
  • Using a humidifier to add moisture into dry air
  • Brushing and flossing regularly to prevent damage to your teeth from acid exposure

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